Ask your customers: Why do you LOVE working with us? #xoxo

Do you often wonder why your customers love you? Have you asked? 3 questions to know how you stand out in their minds and in their hearts. Ask: 1. Why do you love working with us?

The importance of a written plan for 2021.

If you don't know where you are going, you will never get there - Yogi Berra If it’s not written down, you can forget steps or parts that are crucial to where you want to go. While long-term strategy ...

Do You Have a Plan to Support Your Business Strategy?

Under the traditional business model, business strategies and marketing strategies were often separate and did not always interact or support one other. Ideally, when a company is working from its ...

Webinar - 10 Steps to Building a One-Page Marketing Plan

Do you know what makes your business truly distinct so that it stands out? If you don't, your chances of failing increase exponentially.

The One-Page Marketing Plan – Off Radar Opportunities

Beyond the Eight Fundamentals of Standing Out in Business and because of your new-found clarity of purpose, you may now be able to identify opportunities that you had not considered previously. A ...

The One-Page Marketing Plan – Goals and Measurement

In this very important section you will take all you have learned about your company, the brand you have developed, where you are as a company and where you want to go and transform this information ...

The One-Page Marketing Plan – Key Messaging

Your brand, whether you know it or not, is made up of stories – your stories, your employees’ stories and the stories others tell about you. Your stories are a key component of your company’s ...

The One-Page Marketing Plan – Ideal Leads

Do you target your marketing to your ideal leads, or are you marketing to everyone the same way? If so, how’s that working for you?

The One-Page Marketing Plan – Big Sky Idea

Taking a cue from knowing what you stand for can give you and your company the confidence to start thinking outside of the box and looking for opportunities that may not have been apparent without ...

The One-Page Marketing Plan – What We Stand For

That you stand out in the marketplace is an important factor in your company’s success, but an even more important factor is how you distinguish your business. Consistency is key, and the easiest way ...

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