Forbes Interview: "Winnie, what is your current view of diversity in the workplace?"

(A reprint from a recent interview by Serenity Gibbons with Winnie Hart)

Content is King – 3 Tips to Tell Your Brand Story

Your words come together to write your brand’s story. Do you need a microphone to be heard or is your brand story speaking loud and clear on its own?

How do you stand out?

What is it that makes your company unique? How do you stand out against the competition? Why should customers choose your company over others?

Knowing Your True Purpose as a Company

PANERA BREAD IS A BRAND THAT KNOWS ITS TRUE PURPOSE, AND IT IS EVIDENT IN EVERY ASPECT OF THE ORGANIZATION. Panera is “simple pleasure, honest and genuine.” With the eating health of the nation ...

Judging a Book by Its Cover

We’ve all been taught not to judge a book by its cover, but we do. That’s why first impressions can be so powerful. We judge brands in much the same way. The outward appearance of a company’s brand ...

Brand Visuality: Do You Talk The Talk, Walk The Walk And Look The Part?

The saying “don’t judge a book by its cover” is a metaphorical phrase which means “you shouldn’t prejudge the worth or value of something by its outward appearance alone.” But guess what? We do. Good ...

The One-Page Marketing Plan – Key Messaging

Your brand, whether you know it or not, is made up of stories – your stories, your employees’ stories and the stories others tell about you. Your stories are a key component of your company’s ...

The One-Page Marketing Plan – Big Sky Idea

Taking a cue from knowing what you stand for can give you and your company the confidence to start thinking outside of the box and looking for opportunities that may not have been apparent without ...

The One-Page Marketing Plan – Brand Positioning

No company operates in a vacuum. Promoting your distinct advantages as a company requires a clear understanding of your industry, your marketplace and your direct competitors. It’s also important to ...

The One-Page Marketing Plan – Distinct Advantage

The secret to gaining distinction is to operate from a foundation of purpose. Why? Because no other company will have your unique combination of gifts, experiences, culture, stories, skills and ...

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