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Dear Favorite Brand, How do I begin to express how much you mean to me? I don’t remember the exact day I fell in love with you, but let me tell you I fell hard and fast. You have taught me what it ...


The word "brand" has a colorful origin story. It comes from an ancient Norse word that has to do with burning... which makes sense, because we all know that Vikings liked to burn things. Then the ...


You: The Brand Brands are everywhere. Think about how many brands we encounter every day, too many to recall. People, not just companies, need to understand the importance of branding. The first step ...

Forbes Interview: "Winnie, what is your current view of diversity in the workplace?"

(A reprint from a recent interview by Serenity Gibbons with Winnie Hart)

Kick Off Your 2018 Plan

Kick-Off Your Planning for 2018

Missing out on opportunities? Stand out in 2018.

GET READY TO STAND OUT Define what makes you truly distinct to stand out from the competition Target ideal leads and understand motivation to purchase Build brand awareness and strengthen ...

Content is King – 3 Tips to Tell Your Brand Story

Your words come together to write your brand’s story. Do you need a microphone to be heard or is your brand story speaking loud and clear on its own?

Do you know your ideal lead?

Your ideal lead is a prospect who fits your defined customer profile and is interested in what you have to offer. This person sees value in using your product or service and can appreciate the ...

How do you stand out?

What is it that makes your company unique? How do you stand out against the competition? Why should customers choose your company over others?

The Truth is Fact , Good or Bad

Trust has become a commodity that people not only expect from the companies they work with, but demand to know if they can trust the people behind those companies. Everything from our influence, ...

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