At TwinEngine, we believe in the power of purpose-driven leadership that's why we are excited to celebrate our Founder and Chief Strategic Engine, Winnie Hart, who has been honored with the 2024 Mark Lincoln Entrepreneurs’ Organization Global Volunteer of the Year Award.
Winnie’s journey with EO began in 2004, a year marked by significant growth and change. As she took her first steps into the EO community, she attended her very first EO kickoff event, where she listened to Bill Borne, CEO of Amedisys, discuss growth and opportunity. His words, “from crisis comes opportunity,” resonated deeply with her.
These words would soon be tested when Hurricane Katrina struck New Orleans, her home city, the very next day. The disaster flooded the city with 240 billion gallons of water, and Winnie lost 75% of her business in a single weekend. It was a devastating experience, but Bill’s words reminded her that even in the darkest times, there is room for growth.
The support Winnie received from EO during this crisis was life-changing. The community rallied around her, offering guidance, resources, and encouragement. This experience solidified her commitment to EO and set her on a path of service. Since then, she has taken on over 18 local, regional, and global leadership roles within EO, starting as Communications Chair and serving in that position for five years.
Throughout her EO journey, Winnie has championed key projects such as the EO Purpose project and led the launch of the new EO brand in 2020. This award is not just a recognition of Winnie’s service; it is a testament to her ongoing mission to impact 1 million leaders, inspiring them to discover their unique strengths and stand out as thought leaders.
We are truly fortunate to have Winnie leading our team. Her resilience, dedication, and passion inspire us to "earn our wings every day" and strive for excellence in everything we do.
Congratulations, Winnie!

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