Selling-ValueWhat is your sales strategy when promoting your company? Are you selling a product or a solution to help prospects solve a problem? There is so much competition out there, it’s becoming more and more challenging to stand out. So how can you stand out with your prospects?

TwinEngine was fortunate to participate in HubSpot’s Sales Skills Bootcamp recently (shout out to David Weinhaus, HubSpot sales guru!) and wanted to share three tips to help you improve the effectiveness of your sales process and communicate the value you deliver.


When someone asks you, “what do you do?”, what do you say?

Three steps to defining your elevator pitch:

  1. What problems do you solve and for whom? What frustrates them?
  2. With what solutions do you address them?
  3. What is your distinct advantage?

“We typically work with __(type of company/role)___ who __(aspire to this)___but have (these kinds of challenges)”


Get as specific as you can to understand what the TRUE need is when speaking to your prospect. The goal is to get to Level 3 to uncover the root of what they want to achieve.

  • Level 1 – The basics (most people stop here)
  • Level 2 – Specific goals and timing
  • Level 3 – What is the significance? Why do they need to meet this goal?

How do you dig deeper and get to level 3? Continue to ask “why” questions!


To communicate the value you deliver, it’s important to know the gap between where your prospect currently is and where they want to be. The more specific information you have, the easier it is to connect to the value and how you will help them achieve their end goal. Giving your prospect a meaningful reference point (i.e. goal is to increase revenue 20% in 12 months) will help.  

Know the specifics:

  • Current situation
  • Goals and timing (remember to get to level 3)
  • Plans and challenges

Speaking of value - The HubSpot Sales Skills bootcamp is FULL of useful information, tips and a step-by-step process to improve your sales skills. Check it out:

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