Branding team TwinEngine, Launches BrandintheBoxTM
Offering Small-to-Midsize Business Owners DIY Branding Tools via Subscription Kits

HOUSTON (October 9, 2018): The branding team behind creative firm, TwinEngine, Winnie Brignac Hart and Lorrie Brignac Lee and authors of  STAND OUT: Tools To Master The 8 Fundamentals Of Standing Out In Business have rolled out BrandintheBox, a monthly subscription brand kit with tools to grow the business without needing a full-time marketing department. 

BrandintheBox allows CEOs and chief marketing officers to implement a clear and structured approach to build their company’s brand. Tools and resources in these kits help define the companies’ distinct market advantage, clarify how it represents itself to prospects and customers, stand out among competition, be remembered, and become a trusted and preferred choice among customers and prospects, all while achieving specific, measurable goals.

“You may have a solid business strategy, an excellent product or service, talented and dedicated employees, and a rockstar sales and marketing team, but if you don’t stand out, you lose,” says Winnie Hart. “In today’s complex business environment, having a superior product or service is not enough to distinguish a company from its competitors, nor can advertising alone command the attention and loyalty of customers. What’s needed is a consistent and genuine message that communicates the company’s core values, beliefs, and purpose – in short, a brand.”

 BrandintheBox focuses on the eight fundamentals of a brand: purpose, reputation, appearance, authenticity, leads, distinction, strategy and mindset. Each kit (both box and virtual) includes an executive summary, activation guide, an easy to follow five-step process to engage the team, facilitate the tools, instructions to maximize the subscriber’s outcome, and a move forward plan. 

“Your brand defines who you are as a business while setting expectations, memories, stories and relationships that account for a consumer’s decision to choose one product or service over another,” says Lorrie Lee. “BrandintheBox provides all the marketing tools a small-to-midsize business needs to create that set of expectations, become top-of-mind and stay that way among their target audiences.” 

TwinEngine is an award-winning strategic/creative team that for more than 28 years has been helping companies grow their businesses by differentiating themselves and becoming the preferred choice of prospects and customers. Twins, Winnie and Lorrie help clients create “the most effective tools to get them off the tarmac the fastest, keep them moving in the right direction, and measure the results.”

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Written by Winnie Hart

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