Did you know a plane is off course 90% of the time? Pilots create a flight plan, but factors like turbulence and weather conditions often push the plane off course. Despite being off track most of the time, pilots constantly adjust their route, using information from instruments, radar, and ground control.

Similarly, building a standout brand is like flying a plane. You start with a clear destination and plan, but as you progress, your goals may blur. Regular ‘course corrections’ are crucial to stay on track. Remember, without knowing your direction, reaching your destination is impossible. To help in this journey, we’ve created a one-page marketing plan designed to help you make the necessary adjustments and take off in a new direction in 2024. 

  • Focus your strategy to key activities that lead to specific results.
  • Target and nurture your ideal leads.
  • Increase exposure of your company’s authentic personality.
  • Uncover big ideas.
  • Build stronger relationships internally and externally.
  • Communicate your company’s unique qualities and differentiators.
  • Align internal and external messaging.
  • Build a high-level plan that can be measured.


The One-Page Marketing Plan is both a tool and a process. The system is a proprietary one. Developed by the team at TwinEngine, a brand growth agency fueled by purpose, it provides the ability to organize the key components of a brand marketing strategy based on the Eight Fundamentals of Standing Out in Business.
As a tool, the instructional guidelines will begin with The Brand Traffic Control assessment where you and your team will evaluate your current strengths in each of the essential components of brand awareness. Based on the Eight Fundamentals, the tool will help you conceptualize your organizational purpose and what you stand for, how this translates in to your distinct advantage as a company, dictates who are your ideal leads, what is your authentic messaging, your brand positioning in the market place, your brand persona, both internal and external, the key issues you are facing in your industry niche and off the radar opportunities you may be overlooking.
As a process, the brand truths you uncover will lead you to determine your number 1 business goal and the top 5 initiatives that will take your company to a Stand Out position. You and your team will define lead strategies, key campaigns with big sky ideas designed to help you take off, wing earners and quarterly targets.
The process is a dynamic one, not static. The document is designed to be a baseline from which to start the process, but one which will be revisited, at least quarterly, but as often as you may feel necessary to remain accountable and to stay on course.
The system provides a basis and structure from which to align your business strategies and goals with your marketing and communication efforts to get you where you want to go.
There’s a Big Sky out there. Start your engines and get above the clouds.




As Brand Growth Experts Fueled by Purpose, we believe in earning our wings every day. For over 33 years, we have been leveraging our twin talents to help brands and leaders stand out. We’ve collaborated with some of the largest public and privately held companies, helping them define their distinct advantage and what they stand for and create powerful brand strategies that inspire audiences to take action and create positive change.

We are proud to be a Certified B Corp agency and committed to making a meaningful impact on the world through the work we do for our team, partners, clients and community.